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LONDON LIFE (part 1)


This was taken in my new neighborhood, on the first week upon arriving in London on a hot Semptember day

I lived in London for about 3 years in my early to mid 20s.

I moved there because of my music, as everyone told me that London is the center of contemporary music in Europe.

Well it probably is, but since every musician who wants to make a living through music goes to live there, it has become almost impossible to get noticed through the crowds of upcoming musicians.

Although it was a unique experience and I learnt a lot from it.

I rented a room in the attic of a typical old English styled house. I lived there with 4 other people, mostly young women.

A few months after moving in an envelope arrived in the mail for the landlord (who did not live in London), with the words “universal music group” written on it, I got intrigued and asked my roommates what was it about. I was told that the landlord used to be a musician in the British synth pop band Eurythmics, and that Annie Lennox herself once dined in the same kitchen I was eating in…

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sunset in zanzibar, the indian ocean

I had the opportunity to visit Zanzibar a few months ago, thanks to a friend of mine. We stayed a few weeks, but it truly was a life changing experience.

Zanzibar is an island on the east side of Africa, it’s part of Tanzania, but it has a strong arab influence, therefore the African mentality isn’t as present as it is in the in land part of Tanzania.

The flight was really stressful and anxiety inducing for me. But the most difficult part was probably the arrival to the Zanzibar airport, we left from a wintery Europe wearing heavy warm coats, and we arrived in the middle of a really hot and humid summer, which is Zanzibar’s most common weather.

As I stepped off the plane, I felt this heat and humidity hit me in the face like a wall. And for the first two days I was really mentally and physically overwhelmed.

Although on the third day I came to my senses and I started realizing where I was. The first good feeling came when I looked out of the window of the B&B where we were staying and I saw palm trees every where. That’s when I really felt I was in Africa.

coconut tree in the spice farm

Aside from all the exotic fruits, spice farms, and fresh coconuts or the incredibly “alive” nature, I really enjoyed the colorful clothes most people were wearing, especially women… 

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