shaula music drummer


Shaula is a pop-rock singer-songwriter, drummer, shamanic drummer ad spiritual life coach.

With her unique style which promotes positivity through empowering lyrics, she believes music is not only entertainment but has also healing powers if created in the right way. 

After overcoming years of depression, anxiety and social anxiety and fibromyalgia, she wants to help others that are dealing with similar issues, by giving little everyday tips on how to overcome these problems.


She was born to a Hungarian mother and an Italian father.

She was known to everyone as a quiet, shy, sensitive and introverted child that pretty much kept to herself. Although she had an incredible amount of creativity and sensitivity.

The only musical influence she had throughout her childhood was her mother listening to the radio.

At the age of four, after seeing a family friend playing the snare drum in a marching band, she felt the desire to play drums. But her mother didn’t believe it was a serious request from a 4 year-old little girl. She instead received a plastic toy snare drum for Christmas that year. Which even for a four year-old it’s an uninspiring “instrument”, she barely played with it.

Shaula playing her piano, 9 years old.

Around the age of eight, when she visited her Hungarian cousins, she noticed they were all playing the classical piano at home. She instantly felt an attraction towards the instrument, and begged her mother to get her piano lessons.

Shaula took two years of classical piano lessons, before abandoning the whole thing for contemporary music.


In 2001, in the house where she was living at the time, the satellite dish only picked up MTV Germany, and that’s when the love for music grew even more inside of her.

She was introduced to artists like Dido, Avril Lavigne, Blink-182, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Limp Bizkit, Korn, Eminem…Pretty much every American artist that was big around that time.

Sadly being a shy, quiet, insecure and introverted person, made her a perfect target for bullies in middle school.

She was heavily bullied for years.

This of course increased her social anxiety and depression.

Her years of isolation began.

She barely left the house if not to attend school. She had a hard time making friends.

On the other hand, the “isolation” allowed her to start working on her music as much as possible.

In high school there were still some bullying incidents, but they didn’t last long. By then she had become a really socially insecure and anxious person.

She spent most of her teenage years in her room creating music. Mostly imitating her favorite artists, which included the band Linkin Park, rappers Eminem, Tupac and Nas and later Nirvana.

To understand the lyrics of her favorite artists she set out a goal for herself to learn the American English language perfectly. Which she did by watching her favorite TV shows in the original language for at least an hour at day. Amongst them were the Tv shows like Friends, The Simpsons and The X-Files.

aiwa tp-500 cassette recorder, shaula music

At the age of 11 she recorded her very first song on a portable cassette recorder left behind by her maternal grandfather.

At 13 she bought the music software, Music Maker and started recording and producing her first songs.

By the age of 17 she had written and self produced about 20 rap songs. 

On her 18th birthday she received the music making software Logic Express along with an M-Audio interface and a condenser microphone.

She then took up a year of acoustic guitar lessons. Her musical taste started shifting from mainly rap music to rock, punk rock music, with bands Blink-182, NoFX, Green Day and The Offspring taking over her iTunes library.


She started identifying herself with rock music and she again felt the desire to become a drummer.

After abandoning her guitar lessons, she gathered enough money to buy her first drum set. Which of course was an electric drum set, but at least it somewhat looked and sounded like a drumkit.

She began as a self taught drummer for about a year.

Upon graduating high school she wanted to attend a music university, but she didn’t pass the audition, and not having a backup plan she had a moment of crisis.


Through the advice of a friend of her mother’s, she moved to Denmark to attend a performance school, but after only two weeks she dropped out because she felt there wasn’t enough music in it.

She then moved in with her mother to Budapest, Hungary where she got into a Jazz music school, ETUD. She attended the jazz drum course, along with studying classical and jazz music history and music theory.

Two years later she left the jazz school after she got in the London’s music school, The institute of Contemporary Music and Performance. Where she attended the BA of Songwriting.

Sadly while living in London she was in the worst case of her social anxiety and her chronic depression. For this reason she was not able to get many opportunities out of the school or out of London’s thriving music scene.

She managed to finish and get her BA, but she immediately flew back home after suffering a serious nervous breakdown.


Through the help of friends and family, in two years she started re-building her life and slowly getting rid of her life long anxieties, social anxieties and her depression.

During her recovery she once again started shifting her musical taste, from rock to pop music.

Her new favorite artists became Michael Jackson (even though she had been listening to his music since 1995), Tina Turner, Enya, Bob Marley, Paul Simon.

All artists that were promoting positivity and encouraging the listener.


In 2016 she signed a deal with a somewhat known producer, who had contacted her about her music. 

Through the contract she released two of her songs, “The Irony of Dreams” and “Got Love In My Soul”, along with two professionally produced videos for each song. Sadly the producer wasn’t taking things seriously and most importantly didn’t promoting her songs, and the deal faded without any real opportunities for the artist.

She was left without anything and fell into a deep depression again.

Although this time the depression lasted only for a few months, and she decided to take control of her life and career.

She realized she was going in the wrong direction with her music. Through several months of self improvement, emotional and spiritual growth she now feels ready to share her music the way it was intended to be.

In the spring of 2019 she packed her bags and moved to East Africa for a few months. More precisely to Zanzibar, where she had the opportunity to record 3 of her songs and shoot videos for each of them.

The first release from her African project titled “Mother Of Creation“, is her song “MAMA YANGU”, which is dedicated to the mothers of the world.

She strongly believes that music creates powerful vibrations and energies:

“The type of music you write is going to have positive or negative impact on the listener. As an artist I am responsible for the message I give and the way I make the listener feel”.


– From age 8 to 10 she took Classical piano training.

– Age 11 she recorded her very first song.

– From age 13 to 17 she became a big Rap music fan and a rapper herself, and recorded over 30 rap songs, under the name of SHY Renegade.

– Age 18, she took acoustic guitar lessons and changed her musical style towards a more Rock sound, abandoning Rap music.

– Age 19, she took a year of vocal training. Her musical style started shifting towards Pop-Rock. She started using her birth name, Shaula as her artist name.

– Age 20, she attended the Hungarian Jazz and Classical Music School ETUD, where she took 2 years of Jazz Drums.

– Age 22, she attended the London music university, The Institute of Contemporary Music and Performance gaining her BA in Songwriting.

– Age 26, she signed her first contract with a music producer, through which she released her first song “The Irony of Dreams”.

– Age 28, she spent a few months in Zanzibar, East Africa working on her EP “Mother Of Creation“.