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Strength Of My Tribe (official video) – Shaula

The last music video we shot on Zanzibar Island was for my song, “STRENGTH OF MY TRIBE

The song itself is a tribute to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t care About Us”. Which was the very first song I ever heard from my Michael’s, back when the single came out in 1995.

They Don’t Care About Us – Michael Jackson. Single CD cover.

That’s when I fell in love with his music.

Last year I went to Zanzibar to work on my musical project “Mother Of Creation”. Which is an EP that consists of 4 songs all recorded in Zanzibar.

We shot a video for 3 of the songs from the EP:

Mama Yangu, Mother Of Creation and lastly Strength Of My Tribe.


I decided to choose Stone Town as the main location for the video.

Stone Town is the main city of Zanzibar Island and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

The first scenes were actually done at the “Jacob’s Inn” which was the B&B we stayed in.

Jacob’s Inn in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

We had some scenes shot on the rooftop as well, where you can see Stone Town from above.

Since it was around the rainy season of Zanzibar, as we started shooting the scenes of the rooftop, we had to stop filming for several hours, because it started raining heavily!

In this photo I actually started feeling the first drops of rain falling on me. Although we were able to shot the main scenes before it started raining too much.

From the rooftop of the Jacob’s Inn.

I also wanted some scenes showing the unusual streets of the town. 

Streets of Stone Town, Zanzibar.


It’s a park located along the main seawalk of Stone Town.

Most of the video was filmed at Forodhani Park/Gardens.

Filming at Forodhani Park.

It was mid day and the sun was blazing hot, which is the main reason I was wearing a hat throughout the video.

Wearing hats later became my thing as a performer thanks to Zanzibar :).

We filmed some scenes by the seawalk.

Forodhani Park, Jambo boat.

Other scenes were shot in the actual Park, where thanks to the trees it wasn’t as hot and sunny…

Forodhani Park, Old Fort.


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