Shaula’s interview on Zanzibar Cable Television.

One of the many interesting things I experienced on my trip to Africa was an interview I gave on a local TV channel, ZCTV or Zanzibar Cable TV about my music.

I was promoting my latest Swahili/English song “Mama Yangu”, which was recorded and filmed in Zanzibar.

The interview took place in a building just outside of Stone Town, which is the main city of Zanzibar.

Unfortunately, the previous day I had caught a really nasty cold from an air conditioned cab, and at the time of the interview I had a fever of 39°C. But in spite of it I managed to give a fairly good interview.

Local singer Alpha Haleem and his colleague were the interviewers. Alpha introduced me to the viewers and played the music video for my song “Mama Yangu”.


The very first question they asked me was “Why Zanzibar and why in Swahili?

As in why did I decide to come to Zanzibar and sing a song in Swahili.

In the past years I kept on trying to find myself and my “purpose” in this world as a musician.

As an avid reader and knowledge seeker, I stumbled upon many interesting books.

Amongst them there was this one book published by the archeologist Marija Gimbutas, “The Civilization of the Goddess”.

This book describes how humans, ’till the end of the neolithic era, always lived in matrilineal societies. Which is not the same as matriarchy, since in both matriarchy and patriarchy one group/gender rules over the other by oppressing them.

In Matrilineal societies no one is above the other.

There is a natural equality where everyone knows their place and role within the society/group and they all collaborate peacefully for a better life.

This “new” knowledge I aquired had touched me so deeply that I started writing music about this topic.

The very first song I wrote was “Mama Yangu” (My Mom), which is a dedication to all the mothers of the world.

And we, all come from a mother…


Also…the human race comes from the Great Rift Valley which is in East Africa, more specifically in Kenya. The official language of East Africa is Swahili. I thought it was the most appropriate language to use for my song about mothers. East Africa can somehow be considered the “mother land” of all humans.


I talked about how back in Italy I was scammed by a once known music producer. I was quite bitter about it at the time, but I tried to contain myself. Although I believe we experience things in life to learn from them. It was not a cheap lesson in any way, but I am hoping I can help others to avoid this same mistake by talking about it. Be careful who you trust in the music industry!

They asked me about my future projects, and if I was going to perform anywhere in the near future.

I was in fact planning on a little music tour in East Africa in the near future. I am still planning as it requires quite a lot of energy, so we’ll see.

Mama Yangu music video on Zanzibar Cable Television

In the picture above you can see one of the editing rooms of Zanzibar Cable Television and my music video for my song “Mama Yangu” is being broadcasted, in the far right screen.

Unfortunately I can’t post the interview since it was broadcasted live on ZCTV and it wasn’t posted online.

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