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I wonder if any other woman has ever been told by men “women have no logic, it’s all messy”. Well I have been told several times and I always wondered why, as I believe I have logic, my own logic.

I found the answer in a psychology book I have been reading lately. There was an interesting description on the main difference between the ways men and women think.

It can be best summarized as:



Here is a simple example, to show the difference between the two thought processing:

What is an apple?

Through men’s thought processing, “an apple is the fruit of a tree and it consists of the pulp, the core, the seeds and the peel. The pulp is edible, the core and the peel are given to feed the animals. While the seeds are intended for reproduction. Apple ripen during fall season, and since we are in October, Mrs. Caputo will probably find some at the market”.

Through women’s thought processing, “an apple is as red as the cheeks of a little child, as tight as the breasts of a young woman, as inviting as the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. An apple is less sweet than figs and cheaper than red berries. Mr. Cecchi, who is greedy and on a low carb diet, today at the market will probably buy apples.”


In our society men’s logic predominates and it is the example to follow when we talk about “logical, rational thinking”.

For several millennia it has been that way, considering that women where oppressed and in several societies weren’t even considered people.

I believe we have to find the balance between the two logics, we need them both in order to have a healthy society. (Needlesss to say we don’t really have a healthy balanced society…)

Men’s logic separates the single parts from the whole and studies them separately. It creates order and rationality. Men’s logic penetrates and possesses the knowledge of something.

It works as cause and effect:

“If it rains I get wet, therefore I build some kind of a shelter. The shelter is closed, so the sun doesn’t shine through it, so I make a hole in the ceiling, to have light. But if it rains I get wet again, so I don’t make a hole in ceiling but instead, I make an opening on the wall on the side of the sun, a window…

This thought processing is linear and it explores the rational side of knowledge. It acknowledges and confronts situations, it works on building things instead of preserving them.

Men’s logic is quick, clear and precise, although not necessarily cold, as it can be quite passionate.

It goes from point “A” to point “B”.


Women’s logic doesn’t examine details nor it’s headed anywhere, it’s based on the contemplation of a whole. It does not penetrate, but it rather absorbs the knowledge

It doesn’t isolate single aspects of a context, but it examines the relations within the whole.

Women’s thought processing gathers information and experiences it, to examine their relation to each other and find out the connection and the differences.

It’s not fast, nor it’s precise, because it always considers all the variables. For these reasons, to a men, it might give the impression of being distracted and messy.

It’s a logic that’s based on keeping everything together as a whole instead of taking everything apart. It goes into the depth of knowledge to then finding the conclusion.

That’s why we need both thought processing to have a healthy and balanced society.

Let’s just think about the enormous environmental damage industries have caused in the past centuries (which is based on men’s logic). A female logic would always consider the consequences before acting, therefore foreseeing how that detail fits in that whole, instead of blindly developing that detail to perfection and then realizing it destroyed everything else.

The problem is that lately even women tend to adopt a manly logic (thinking that’s the only way to have rational thought), instead of highlighting their own holistic thought processing.

I don’t want to come off as someone who only criticizes everything man related, as I do believe a too feminine society would also be a problem. I strongly believe in the healthy balance of the universe.

source: “L’aggressività femminile” Marina Valcarenghi.

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