Mother Of Creation (Official Video) – Shaula

I spent a month in Zanzibar, (East Africa) this spring, working on my latest project “Mother Of Creation”.

The project consists of 3 songs, all recorded in Stone Town, the city center of Zanzibar. For each song we filmed a music video on the beautiful places the island had to offer.


The video was filmed on Changuu Island (or Prison Island), which is a small island 5km from Zanzibar. Only accessable by boat.

The landscape, the ocean were truly beautiful, but the best part were my guest stars, the 100-130 year-old Aldabra giant tortoises!

As seen here:

Here I was getting to know my guest star :).
Me and the filming crew.

It was an amazing experience, but I won’t lie it was quite challenging, especially the heat and the humidity.

Changuu Island, “Mother Of Creation” video shoot.

I also got sunburnt in literally 5 minutes!

We had to shoot a scene on a bridge, where I stood without a hat on under the burning, blinding sun at 1pm.

here’s the bridge scene where I got sunburnt in 5 minutes! Totally worth it though.


Mother Of Creation” is one of my most meaningful songs as of yet.

I wanted to address the issues we are dealing with in our modern society today.

Women have been “free” and equal to men for more than 50-60 years now.

We have accomplished a lot in accepting each other’s differences, but I still feel like there is a lot of work to do.

Sadly today’s women seem to have become more like aggressive men, instead of highlighting the female sensitivity and cooperative nature. While many men don’t really seem to have a balanced role model to follow.

“…the era of the macho man is through

And all this violence was never cool

You leave destruction all around,

but us women ain’t saints either it’s true

Backstabbing each other competing like fools

This world’s all upside down…” – “Mother Of Creation” – Shaula.

The solution is not for women to take over the competitive, aggressive and oppressing nature of men, which seems to be happening. But rather we should create a balanced society where men and women cooperate, highlighting the things each of them excel in, for a peaceful co-existence.

“…I don’t condemn every man

We need the yin, the yang

The balance of things

The best of both beings…”

“…But I won’t give up

My job is to raise a nation of peace and love.” – “Mother Of Creation” – Shaula.


Filming in front of a typical Zanzibari door.
Zanzibari door.

And this below is the beautiful water of Changuu island…sadly we didn’t have time to take a swim in it. Although after my sunburn from the bridge, I wasn’t really eager to stay under the sun again, neither for a short swim.

My photo from Changuu Island, you can see Zanzibar island the opposite side.
Waiting for our boat to take us back to Zanzibar.

A big thank you to the filming crew. They were very professional and nice people overall. And a big thank you to my team who suffered the heat and the humidity with me and because of me :).

But hey it was totally worth it!

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