Until a few months ago I was an extremely career oriented woman.

I wanted to have a successful music career at any cost.

But on my way to “success” I started noticing how every musician who made it big or was trying to make it, lived an extremely stressful life. 

Mainly because of the constant traveling and touring, which is a truly exhausting lifestyle.

Another thing that really bothered me, was how you cannot trust a single person in the music industry. Everyone is extremely competitive.

Haters and backstabbers are more part of it than music itself…

It’s worst than a jungle.

It’s supposed to be about music and art and sensitive people, but honestly, it’s all about money and ego.

It’s kind of ironic considering that true artists are the most sensitive people on the planet…

I had already suffered a serious nervous breakdown in my mid 20s. I decided I wasn’t willing to give up my health, in exchange for a career.

Then of course I was scammed by a producer and lost a considerable amount of money, so I started reconsidering my whole life.


sunset in zanzibar, the indian ocean

I took a trip to Zanzibar a few months ago.

I’ve already written about it in other articles…But in this one I wanted to talk about the effect Zanzibar had on me personally, emotionally and especially spiritually.

First thing I noticed on the island was how calm and relaxed Zanzibari people were.

Always smiling, in a good mood, no sign of stress, anxiety, no depression and no suicide.

We aren’t really talking about the richest country in the world.

Even though in Zanzibar people can make a decent living, and there aren’t really starving people, it doesn’t mean it’s a rich island.

Still, most of them were happier than most Europeans.


Simple, they care about each other, they trust and listen to each other, and they help anyone in need.

They are family and community centered, but most importantly they are honest people.

In European terms we would probably call them naive, but I like to call them, real and human.


the adorable children from the village

I went to Zanzibar primarily for my music.

I had the chance to record 3 songs and film a music video for each song.

I had the chance to film my first video for my song “Mama Yangu” in an African village.

Mama Yangu (official video)

They were all very kind and open to me and my team.

When we finished shooting the video, we wanted to give some money to the mothers and the children, to thank them for the opportunity of filming there.

The grandfather of the village, suddenly started yelling and getting upset about us giving out money.

He said that they didn’t do it for the money! They did it because they wanted to help. 

A person was in need of something and they could offer it, so they did it selflessly.

At that point my African friend, who has been living in Europe for over 30 years, turned to me and said: “yes, this is the real Africa and the African spirit, it’s all about community and helping each other selflessly.”

Of course in bigger cities of Africa people are more like Europeans, rushing, stressing… Zanzibar is a special little place in itself as it is an island, and islanders are always a bit different, in a good way :).

But in small villages of Africa you can still find the honest real African spirit.

So today I say, thank you Zanzibar and Africa for changing my life for the better, forever! You gave me hope in humanity.

HAKUNA MATATA! (no worries!)

A last advice to anyone, if you get the chance, go visit Zanzibar I promise you it’s going to change you for the better :).


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