First of all, what is fibromyalgia?
It’s basically permanent muscle tension on most of the body. It’s only considered a condition when the muscle tension is found everywhere on the body and becomes debilitating for the person.

The muscle tension, is mostly concentrated in areas like the neck, the shoulders, the back, the chest, but after a while the whole body becomes constantly tense.

This of course causes chronic, often unbearable, pain and makes the person’s life nearly impossible after a while.


It’s important to clarify that fibromyalgia is not genetic but acquired by an unnatural lifestyle.
The main causes are:
STRESS (emotional and physical stress)
BAD POSTURE (especially sitting too much)


When a person is stressed they are in the so called “FIGHT or FLIGHT” state.
This comes from when we, as humans, were still living in the wild, and we often had to defend ourselves from predators who were out there to kill us.

You either had to fight the predator or run away.

The only way our bodies have learnt to deal with stress, even the emotional one, is that of tensing up the muscles of the legs and arms to get us to run or fight.

This is how we handle even the modern world’s stress.

Anytime a person has an emotional problem, a fear or an anxiety, the body tenses up the muscles to get them ready to fight or run away. Even if there aren’t any predatory animals around to kill us.

And sadly today’s society keeps us worried and anxious all the time.

After many years of stress, this constant muscle tension causes the body to remain tense permanently.


To be honest 90% of the western world has fibromyalgia to some degree.

Of course most people’s muscle tensions aren’t as bad and debilitating as others’, therefore it’s not labeled as an illness. These are only seen as the little aches and pains one gets when they get older. Which by the way aren’t normal either. A healthy human being, even if he or she are old they shouldn’t be ill nor in any kind of pain.

Then the real question should be, “why some people have more fibromyalgia (permanent muscle tension) than others?”

It all goes down to the innate personality and nervous system a person has.
Some people, especially men, handle stress of any kind better than women. So they don’t get as much muscle tension from the “fight or flight” response.

People who develop the worst cases of fibromyalgia (muscle tensions) are the “Highly Sensitive People” or HSP. These people have a naturally differently “wired” nervous system, and they are naturally more sensitive to anything, but especially to emotional stress. These people are also the ones more prone to develop depression and anxiety problems.


Our muscles are wrapped by a layer called fascia, which tell the muscle when to relax or when to tense up.

More on fascia on this link: 1/what-is-fascia.aspx

This is the so called “muscle memory” people talk about. That’s why a good posture is crucial for a healthy body. In our society we spend most of our lives in the sitting position. This causes the body to get used to the sitting position of the body, more than the healthy standing position.

So our fascia tells the muscles to tense up in a certain posture. In this case in the seated position since it’s the one we “use” the most. This is what causes all the back, lower back and neck pains 90% of the people develop in their lives.
We were created to sit for only 3 hours at day and not 16.


One helpful thing to do when someone has to sit for many hours, is to get up every 45-60 minutes and stretch for 5 minutes. The fascia needs 5 minutes to start telling the muscle to relax from a certain position.

But the healthiest exercise for the body is walking long distances at a normal pace (preferably in nature). Not running, just walking, as running can be harmful for many people, especially for women. We were not created to run long distances but mainly to walk. No human in the wild used to run for more than 10-15 minutes. Since running was only done when being chased by a predator.

Although men might have a little more benefit from running, as they used to go hunting, where running was needed more.

The best sports against fibromyalgia:
– Stretching and breathing exercises, especially yoga.
– swimming (is probably the best sport for the human body) – walking long distances in nature.

Here’s the article on how I was cured from my fibromyalgia:

About the author:
Shaula is a Pop-Rock singer-songwriter, drummer, who has been cured of her fibromyalgia and has also overcome her chronic depression, anxiety and social anxiety.
She studied at a school of health, nutrition and psychology, which gave her the basics to be able to research and understand human health.
Although her true passion is music, and believes that positive music has really powerful effects on the human mind, body and soul.

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