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In 1996 it was discovered that about 15 to 20% of the population have a differently “wired” nervous system. 

The discovery comes from the clinical psychologist, Elaine Aron.

She was the first to realize that not every person processes, information and external stimuli, the same way.


From Doctor E. Aron’s article on HSP:

It is innate. In fact, biologists have found it in over 100 species (and probably there are many more) from fruit flies, birds, and fish to dogs, cats, horses, and primates. This trait reflects a certain type of survival strategy, being observant before acting. The brains of highly sensitive persons (HSPs) actually work a little differently than others’. 

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Basically some people, the more sensitive ones, need less outside stimuli to already feel tired and overwhelmed.

For example, many people can spent hours in a social gathering, like a party. They talk and have fun, and even after leaving the party they still feel energetic and ready to go do other things.

A highly sensitive person, will also socialize and have fun like anybody else

But when they leave the party, they feel really tired, overwhelmed and in need of resting alone in a quite and calm place, even for several hours.


Being an HSP, it’s not an illness, it is not a disorder (it’s not autism, nor asperger, nor it’s ADHD), it’s just that these people feel the world, emotionally, in such an intense way, that it exhausts them very quickly.

It is also as common in women as it is in men. 

While it is more common in introverted people, it has been discovered that actually 30% of extraverts are HSPs.


Many musicians and artists are HSPs. The singer Alanis Morissette has claim to be an HSP, it has also been theorized that Michael Jackson, Prince and Kurt Cobain were probably HSPs.

Being a highly sensitive person is a gift and a curse. These people excel in the arts and in the research fields, where detailed work is important. But they have a hard time dealing with the everyday lives of the modern world. Especially cities, which are so filled with information, that exhaust and overwhelm highly sensitive people. 

Therefore they are not able to stay all day in a city, without getting irritated and physically and mentally tired quickly.

It is really important to bring awareness to this innate trait. Because many people who are HSPs, are suffering from physical and mental exhaustion. Often leading them to complete “burn out”.

Not knowing that they should not live their lives, with the same pace as the non HSPs do.

HSPs, should take more time out of their busy days to rest. Find places where they can be alone. A great idea is a walk in a park, away from people and city traffic noises.

They should take more days off during the year just to rest at home.

If possible, choosing professions and jobs that are calmer, that don’t overstimulate them.

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